These types of accounts are great ways to save and accumulate dividends on that savings. It’s your money, working for you to make you more money! Here’s how they work:

Finex credit union Certificates

This is a contract between you and Finex where we agree to pay you a fixed rate of interest on a certain sum of money for a specific period of time. Using these certificates offers you a variety of benefits like:

  • Guaranteed earnings
  • High-yield with dividends calculated on a day-to-day balance, paid monthly and at maturity
  • 6-month to 5-year terms available
  • $1,000 minimum deposit
  • Easy to open with just a phone call
  • Convenient – automatic renewal or transfer to your savings account
  • Use your Finex Certificate account as collateral for a secured loan at a rate of 2.25% over the certificate rate

Finex Credit union Money Markets

The Advantage Money Maximizer Account offers Finex members a way to earn more interest on their monthly balance without locking into certificate of deposit terms. A Finex Advantage Money Maximizer has benefits like:

  • Making money earning higher rates on larger funds
  • Saving time using direct deposit
  • Having a $50,000 minimum deposit
  • Allowing a maximum of six withdrawals or transfers – up to three made by check
  • Peace of mind with NCUA insurance

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