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Finex credit union offers members a variety IRAs. Whether you’re saving for retirement or for your children’s education, these accounts allow you to save money on a tax-deferred basis. Finex IRAs feature:

  • High rate of return – with the interest rate generally equal to or greater than rates elsewhere
  • Monthly credited and compounded dividends
  • No fees – unlike other financial institutions, Finex opens and services your IRA at no charge to you.

Finex Credit Union Roth IRA

The benefits of a Finex Roth IRA are many:

  • Non-deductible annual contributions of $4,000 (2005 – 2007)
  • Convenient, automatic payroll deposits to our Roth IRA Maximizer
  • Annual contribution to a fixed rate Roth IRA Share Certificate to earn higher dividends
  • 401(k) participants are eligible

Finex Educational IRA

With a Finex Educational IRA you can make non-deductible contributions up to $2,000 annually until your children reach age 18. Distribution, including earnings, is tax-free as long as the tuition and qualified educational expenses are at an eligible college or vocational school.

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