Protect Yourself From Identity Theft and Fraud

Identity theft can happen to anyone, regardless of your age, income, or where you live. Protect yourself from fraud with our identity theft and recovery services as part of our Cashback Rewards Plus Checking Account!
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Your Personal Advocate

Experience Fully Managed Identity Theft Recovery

Enjoy identity theft detection and recovery services as part of our Cashback Rewards Plus Checking Account! Our professional Recovery Advocate will help you resolve all kinds of identity fraud, even if it's related to a non-Finex Credit Union account. Here's how they'll help:

  • Research and Report
    Your advocate will research your incident and help you report and coordinate with the necessary agencies to resolve incidents.
  • Place Fraud Alerts
    Your advocate will help place fraud alerts with the three main credit bureaus.
  • Write Letters and Make Calls
    Your advocate will spend time getting in touch with the necessary agencies and, financial institutions, creditors etc. to help you get back on track.
  • Follow Up
    Your advocate will follow up with you after 12 months to ensure your full recovery.
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Coverage You Can Count On

Identity Theft Expense Reimbursement Insurance

Enjoy up to a maximum of $25,0001 to cover out-of-pocket expenses incurred during the identity recovery process. Take advantage of an additional $500 per week for up to four weeks for lost wages from work! Coverage examples include:

  • Attorneys' Fees
  • Postage and Handling Fees
  • Document and Filing Fees
  • Lost Wages From Work
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Stay On Top Of It All

Credit Monitoring

Stay in the know and protect yourself from identity theft by constantly monitoring your credit report. When you become eligible for our credit monitoring2, you'll receive an invitation via email to activate the services in the Enrollment Center. Receive alerts for any activity on your credit report, including:

  • Credit Inquiries
  • Name and Address Change
  • New Credit Lines
  • And More
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Prevent Identity Theft With Mobile Device Protection

Get reimbursed for damage or malfunction to cover the cost of labor and parts necessary to repair an eligible device. If the device is NOT repairable this protection will provide a reimbursement for the cost of replacement.  
  • Coverage Timeline

    You are eligible to file a claim 30 days after you open your Cashback Rewards Plus Checking Account. Just contact us, and we will verify your eligibility and begin the claims process

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Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention Tips

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Do you know about online cookies?

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1 Identity theft insurance is underwritten by Lyndon Southern Insurance Company, a member of the Fortegra family of companies. The information provided is a program summary. Please refer to the Identity Theft Expense Reimbursement Evidence of Coverage forms for additional information including details of benefits, specific exclusions, terms, conditions and limitations of coverage. Coverage is currently not available to residents of the state of New York and may not be available in other U.S. territories or jurisdictions in the future.

2 MONITORING SERVICES ARE PROVIDED TO THE PRIMARY ACCOUNT HOLDER ON AN ENTITLED BASIS AND REQUIRE CONSUMER ACTIVATION BEFORE THE SERVICES ARE ACTIVE. Credit monitoring is provided by TransUnion®, subject to change, and is applicable to individuals age 18 or older who have a valid credit file. Optional text alerts available in addition to email alerts.

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