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At Finex Credit Union we are diligent in keeping abreast of security for our members.  

We have partnered with knowledgeable security experts to help alleviate fraud for our card holders.  In the case of fraud, security breaches or transactional disputes we are providing you with the following information, tips and tools to help keep your accounts safe.

Action Steps in Cases of Fraud, Lost or Stolen Cards

If Your Finex Debit/ATM Card is Lost or Stolen

  1. BLOCK YOUR CARD IMMEDIATELY.  During Business Hours Contact us at (860) 282-0001 ext. 3 or email us at help@finexcu.org
  2. Contact us at help@finexcu.org to reissue a new Debit/ATM Card during business hours.

If Your Credit Card (VISA) is Lost, Stolen or if you have a transaction dispute

Contact Card Services at (800) 558-3424 (24/7 Coverage)