At Finex credit union we are diligent in keeping abreast of security for our members.  

We have partnered with knowledgeable security experts to help alleviate fraud for our Card Holders.  In the case of fraud, security breaches or transactional disputes we are providing you with the following information, tips and tools to help keep your accounts safe.

Action Steps in Cases of Fraud, Lost or Stolen Cards

If Your Finex Debit/ATM Card is Lost or Stolen

    1. During Business Hours Contact us at (860) 282-0001, ext 113 or email us at  OR
    2. Use our 24/7 Automated Card Blocking system at (866) 546-8273  
  2. Contact us at to reissue a new Debit/ATM Card during business hours.

If you have been wrongly charged on your Finex Debit/ATM card.

  1. Call (800) 417-4592 to contact our Risk Management vendor to block your card
  2. Contact the merchant to resolve unauthorized transactions.
  3. If not resolved with the merchant, complete the appropriate Fraud Package and return requested documents to Finex.
  • ATM Fraud (i.e., if you've gone to a non-Finex ATM and the requested amount was not dispensed but your account was charged).*
  • Debit Fraud (Unauthorized transactions)*

*This information MUST be submitted to us no later than 60 days following the date of the first fraudulent transaction.  

If You Are a Victim of A Large Data Breach

Finex will contact you to determine if your card has been comprised OR if you choose you can block your card (see instructions above) until further notification,

If Your Credit Card (VISA) is Lost, Stolen or if you have a transaction dispute

Contact Card Services at (800) 558-3424 (24/7 Coverage)

Security News & Information

June 2016

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (Department of Homeland Security) 

October 2015

Debit Card Fraud At Walmart Discovered in 16 States (CSO online)

October 2014

7 Reasons Your Debit Card Makes You a Target for Fraud (Magnify Money)

May 2014

Scam Alert-- Your Credit/Debit Card Hasn't Been Deactivated (BBB)


Credit Report Info

Finex works with our members to help monitor credit scores and offer tips on how to improve your credit scores  We provide the following services:

You can also visit to monitor your credit and receive a free copy of your credit report every 12 months from each credit reporting company.