Please read if you are locked out of Online/Mobile Banking

If you are locked out of the new Finex online/mobile banking and are unable to finish enrollment, we will need to unlock your account.  Please email us the following; current email and phone number to  We will email you back once we have unlocked your account.  Allow us a half day to email you back, then you should be able to set up your account and finish enrollment using your current phone number and email address.

For FCCU members needing immediate access to your balances or to make a loan payment from your former FCCU account, a temporary option is to use Call 24 our audio response system.  Call the main number 860 282-0001, then press 1, 1 to bypass the auto attendant message and sign up for Call 24 access.

You Can Enroll Into the New Online Banking Here

Quick and Simple Sign-up

Enroll into online banking here: Please watch the video for assistance. 

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