Report Your Card Lost or Stolen

Keeping your personal information secure and preventing fraud is our priority! If you suspect your Finex Debit Card or Credit Card has been misplaced or stolen, please lock or block the card immediately.

Report Your Card as Lost or Stolen

Debit Card

With the Finex Mobile App, managing your debit card is a breeze! Everything you need is just a tap away.

Misplaced your Debit Card?

  • Freeze Your Card Immediately
    Lock your debit card within the mobile app.
  • Need A New Debit Card?
    Once you have determined that you need a new debit card, get in touch via our contact us form to request a new card.
  • Dispute Fraudulent Charge(s)
    If you find a fraudulent charge on your account linked with your debit card, you can dispute the charge(s) by using our contact us form as soon as you see the fraudulent charges on your account.
Report Your Card As Lost or Stolen

Credit Card

If you happen to misplace your Finex Credit Union Credit Card or discover it has been stolen, it's crucial to report it right away to avoid any fraudulent transactions.

Report a Lost or Stolen Credit Card

  • Block Your Card Immediately

    Take action the moment you notice your card is missing. Day or night, you can contact Card Services at 800.558.3424.
  • Request A New Credit Card

    Order your replacement card around the clock by contacting Card Services at 800.558.3424.
  • Dispute Fraudulent Charge(s)

    If you notice a charge you don't recognize on your bill, contact Card Services at 800.558.3424 day or night.
Wherever You Are

Manage Your Debit Card With The Tap Of A Finger

Speed is key when it comes to reporting your debit card as lost or stolen. Take advantage of our Mobile App to lock (and unlock) your card in seconds!
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What our members are saying...

"If I ever have a question, the app saves me a trip from going to a location to get my answer. Easy convenience to message and get a reply."
Krystal A.
"Finex Credit Union has been my only bank for over 20 years. They offer outstanding service and convenience. They invest in their website and mobile app and make continuous improvements. Their employees are friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. "
Darren S.
"One of the best banking institutions I have ever been to. The staff is extremely friendly and professional, especially Cameron. They are attentive to your needs and help with any questions you may have. If could give them more than a five star I would!"
Adrianna S.
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