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    5 Steps to Budget for Holiday Shopping

    The holidays are a time of joy, happiness, and celebrations when families and friends gather from near and far to spend ...
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     If you use theses tips, you and your family will have an enjoyable vacation.

    6 Family Travel Tips that will Save You Money and Headaches

    Whether you’re planning a great American road trip or a Paris vacation, families often save and budget for extended ...
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     These young students can set themselves up for success by making smart choices.

    Here’s Why Budgeting in Your 20s is Important and How to Get Started Today!

    While everyone is telling you in your 20s that you have your whole life ahead of you and you are young. Do not ...
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     High school students can start financial planning to set up a strong future.

    10 Smart Financial Planning Tips Every High School Student Should Follow.

    High school life is FULL of choices and change. Students trying to figure out where they want to go to college, playing ...
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     These budget friendly renovations will help your home get a facelift and add value.

    6 High Impact, Budget Friendly Home Renovation Ideas to Tackle this Spring

    Spring is the perfect time to spruce things up around your home. From upgrading your entranceways with fresh paint, ...
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    8 Easy Tips on How to Save Money and Cut Costs For Your Family

    If you are like most families today, you are constantly searching for tips on how to save money to stay within your ...
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    Budgeting and Saving Made Easy with My Money Manager Tool

    Our custom My Money Manager tool is available right on your online banking platform.
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     Send money safely by keeping an eye out for these types of scams.

    Planning to Receive or Send money? Use These Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed

    We have all been there, you went out to eat with a group of friends and one person pays the bill and the rest send ...
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     Finding the best checking account will make you smile like this couple when banking.

    Everything to Consider When Looking for the Best Checking Accounts

    When you're planning to open a new checking account, it can sometimes seem like there's a credit union on every corner, ...
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